The University of Louisiana Lafayette Foundation is dedicated to the promotion of educational, social, moral, and material welfare of the University through assisting in the acquisition of donations. The Foundation promotes the stewardship of donors to enhance the quality of services provided by the University to its students, faculty, the people of Louisiana, and the world. The Foundation manages the investments and serves as trustee of the endowment funds and other private assets contributed for the benefit of UL Lafayette.

The University of Louisiana Lafayette Foundation practices the values of honor, integrity, responsibility, and trust. Our activities are governed by law, ethics, and the practical considerations of good stewardship.


Legally, we are obligated to invest the gift monies in ways that will conserve value for long-term objectives. Ethically, we recognize, honor, and carry out the intentions of our donors. Practically, we apply our efforts to proven principles of sound management and careful stewardship.

impact_title Support UL Lafayette with a Monthly Gift.
impact_summary The gift occurs on the 15th of every month.
give_amounts 20,50,100,500
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